Software testing
We put your software to the test.

® -certified testers test for functionality, usability, integration & security.

Test management

Testing should be a top priority in software development. This is the only way to minimize risks, increase quality and ensure that the software works according to your requirements. Testing identifies deviations at an early stage and at the same time saves effort and costs to correct them.

With us, testing accompanies the product through the entire development process. We integrate the testing process into the respective method of software development, whether waterfall model, V-model or agile process.

We distinguish between the following test levels:

Component test

Integration test

System test

Acceptance test

Although they pursue different objectives, they recognize two classes of requirements (according to ISO/IEC 25010):

  • funktionale Anforderungen, die das Verhalten von Software definieren (Richtigkeit, Angemessenheit, Ordnungsmäßigkeit, Konformität, Interoperabilität, Sicherheit)

  • nicht-funktionale Anforderungen die beschreiben, wie das System die funktionalen Anforderungen erfüllt (Zuverlässigkeit, Benutzbarkeit, Effizienz, Änderbarkeit, Übertragbarkeit) 

Software testing with Novobit

We test software both automatically and manually. As a rule, automation decreases with the level of testing. At component level, the focus is on testing each individual component, whereas in system testing the focus is already on the essential functionalities.

Especially in agile processes, we use test automation very early on. During the entire testing process, we focus on communication and close cooperation between developers and testers. This is the only way to maintain short adaptation cycles and guarantee the economic viability of the software.

Our test managers take on the following tasks:





In the test concept and test plan, the scope of the test is defined, the test strategy and test procedure are described and criteria for different scenarios are recorded. In addition, the test manager also plans the resources and the time schedule. Our testers are ISTQB ® certified and work according to this standard.

Test automation

We put your software to the test with automated tests. The great strength of automated tests lies in always executing the same defined test cases. The higher the test level, the lower the proportion of test automation.

Especially in early stages of software development, the use of automated tests is advantageous to save time and costs. Especially in agile processes, test automation is used very early. In certain processes even before the actual development. Here, test cases are first created and then the software is developed until it successfully passes the test cases. Close cooperation between the developer and tester is essential in this type of development. During a sprint, the test scripts must run continuously so that deviations are detected immediately. It is crucial that the test automation is extremely robust, so that various frameworks are available.

Your advantages

  • reliable tests

  • many years of experience with test automation

  • developers and testers work closely together

  • cost savings through reduction of errors

Test automation quickly becomes so complex that it often has to be set up like a software project. Our experts are happy to advise and support you competently!

Nearshore software testing

We have had our own nearshore branch in Tunisia for more than 4 years and offer this service nearshore.

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