We expand your development team quickly and at a fair price. This way you are at the forefront of digitalization! 

Expand your development team at low cost

Increasing cost pressure and the lack of IT experts in Germany are making software development more difficult. Since 2017, we have been successfully implementing cost-efficient IT projects in cooperation with our subsidiary at our own nearshore location in Tunisia. In this way, we support you in your projects in an uncomplicated way and at fair prices. 

With 12,000 master's degrees in IT every year, Tunisia is a talent hub for IT specialists. 

Contact us to tell us about your needs and requirements so that we can plan the implementation of your project together. We offer different models of nearshoring so that we can put together a suitable team of IT experts for every requirement. You are free to decide whether you want to manage the project or if it’s in our responsibility. Of course, you can also communicate with the nearshore team yourself. In this case, communication will be in English and without any problems. Once the framework conditions, costs, resources, and implementation period have been determined, the project can be started. As a rule, only a few weeks pass between project planning and project start. 

Our developers develop both agilely and according to the waterfall or V-model. However, we prefer agile development with Scrum to keep reaction times short. During the implementation of the project, we maintain close contact with you in order to be able to respond flexibly and quickly to your wishes. 

Contact us

Plan the project with us

Put together a team set up


Start project

Receive project

Your advantages

German contract partner

Risks are minimized and the contract is concluded in Germany
according to German law.

Real-time communication

Tunisia and Germany are in the same time zone. Communication therefore takes place under optimal conditions.  

TISAX® audited

Both locations, in Germany and Tunisia, are TISAX® audited. 
Your information is safe with us.

Optimal project models

We tailor the project model to fit your project and your requirements. 

Maximum flexibility   

Even after the start of the project, our development teams can be easily
can be easily adapted to your project.

Services from a single source

Our teams know each other and work hand in hand.
Your contact person is located on site in Germany.

Experienced partner

For more tan 4 years, we have been successfully developing and implementing software projects hand in hand with our colleagues in Tunisia.

Short reaction times

Thanks to agile development, we keep reaction times short and can incorporate requests and changes as quickly as possible.

Our nearshoring services

Software development

agile development according to Scrum

Software testing

manual and automated
software testing


1st, 2nd, 3rd Level Support

 Site Title

Our attractive nearshoring models

Flexibility is our top priority. We offer flexible models for large and small projects. Together we will find the ideal team for your project. 


  • 100 % nearshore

  • suitable for new projects

  • complete project control for the client

  • complete development at nearshore location

  • direct communication with the nearshore team in English


  • variable nearshore share for existing projects > 4 persons

  • Outsourcing of part of the development to Tunisia

  • Project coordinator in Germany


  • Bundling of small projects of a client

  • Variable nearshore share for existing projects < 4 persons

  • Outsourcing of part of the development to Tunisia

  • Project coordinator in Germany

The models can be individually adapted to your needs and requirements. Projects already in progress can also be gradually transferred to nearshoring. 

Are you interested? 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

*TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX®-Association